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Hoody hack: How to make the Mountain Hardwares Ghost Whisperer Hooded Jacket fit your head

Did you ever consider buying an ultralight hooded jacket? I did – year after year. And each and every time I returned it, ’cause ultralight jackets regularly lack a hood adjustment. But there is ultralight a solution!

Wether it was a Patagonia jacket or the Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer or the cheap alternatives: The hood was good for climbing helmets, but always way to big for uses with just head and glasses.

In 2018 I bought the Ghost Whisperer a second time and rethought my concerns: There should be an easy mod to make the hood fit! I will not tell you how and when I faced the solution. In the end it was quite easy: With just 1 gram of extra weight the hood can now be adjusted in a way that …

  • … it perfectly fits my head and turns with my head;
  • … it does not interferre with my glasses;
  • … it is never blown off my head in the wind.

Here is how I modyfied the jacket:

If you just want to know how I fixed Mountain Hardwares Ghost Whisperers Hood, feel free to skip through to minute 6.


Any questions? Just let me know in the comments.


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