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Perfect fit: How to maintain a reliable quilt/comforter to Z-Lite connection

I’ve been asked several times if the button elastics method will work to connect a quilt onto a foldable mattress like a Z-Lite. The answer is: Yes and no. Button? Yes! Holes? Too. Button hole elastics? More less than more. :-)

Any kind of button elastics loop as a Z-Lite connection method fails because of the missing inherent stability of the foldable mat. However, button elastics still are the fabric of choice to transfer the idea of the connection method into something of similar use on the foldable mattress.

The video shows the elastic adapters made of short pieces of button hole elastics. These may seem unnecessary if you choose to mount the KAM snaps directly onto the quilt/comforter ties. However, these are usefull for three reasons:

  • The foldable mat will never be perfectly flat. The elastic adapters will compensate this varying length to keep the quilt close to the mat.

  • The elastic prevents the KAM Snaps from undesirable unsnapping.
  • Using these elastic adapters allows you to use the quilt with the NeoAir and the button hole elastics connection as well as with the Z-Lite, using the elastic adaptors. The adapters can stay fixed onto the quilt during transport and be stored at home while snaped to the Z-Lite.

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