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Double use: Why to use a carbon fiber windscreen with your Esbit stove

A windscreen of equal size made from titanium foil weighs about 7 to 9 grams. The carbon fiber option shown here weighs 23 grams. So why should an UL hiker consider to use a carbon fiber windscreen, even though it’s three times the weight?

There is one simple reason: Multiple use.

  • Carbon fiber doesn’t get hot. Grab it any time without a cloth and adjust it to your needs.

  • Carbon fiber itself is a first choice oven cloth.
  • Carbon fiber does not reflect the heat, but is provides good insulation. Thus, it forms a great pot cosy.
  • Carbon fiber prevents the cooking accessories from rattling around in your pot when packed. You don’t need an extra cloth for that. Hiking without the tonk, tonk, tonk is great.


What kind of windscreen do you use?

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